TAPPNPLAY affiliate member agreement 2022

As an affiliate member, you will be given a tracking code that will keep you informed of the user referrals that download the TAPPNPLAY Application. Once the customer downloads the app and pays the membership fee, you will receive a commission 60 days after payment is collected. “Affiliate members will be compensated upon the following schedule on a monthly basis. The user subscription resets on the first of the month to ZERO:”

  • 1-99 paid subscriptions $5.00 USD per user
  • 100-199 paid subscriptions $7.00 USD per user
  • 200-299 paid subscriptions $9.00 USD per user
  • 300-399 paid subscriptions $11.00 USD per user
  • 400-499 paid subscriptions $13.00 USD per user
  • 500+ paid subscriptions $15.00 USD per user

At the end of the 12 month period you will be paid 50% of the original commission for every user renewal for the period of 3 years or the user canceling their subscription (whichever comes first). The member affiliate program will start new every year on January 1st.
Also note if a “new” paid subscriber cancels their subscription and comes back at any point in time, they are NOT considered a “new” user and there is ZERO compensation for that user and will not be counted towards the compensation scale.
EX: Feb 1- 28th you sign up 101 users you will be compensated $7.00 USD per user for a total of $707.00 USD. On March 1st you reset back to ZERO and every month thereafter. If any of the users renew in year 2 and/or year 3 you would receive 50% or for this illustration $3.50 UDS per user.

To create A New Affiliate Account for TAPPNPLAY click the button below.

tappnplay affiliate member form

To become a TAPPNPLAY affiliate please fill out all thee sections of the form below and submit it to our team for review.

  • Once your account is created, add links to your social media. Once new users download TAPPNPLAY and pay for a subscription your commission schedule will begin.
  • DO NOT send spam with a link to TAPPNPLAY or your affiliate account will be terminated without notice.
  • Affiliates are prohibited from sending emails to any person who does not wish to receive them (or otherwise opt-in)
  • It is EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED to send unsolicited bulk mail messages (junk mail or spam) of ANY kind (ie- commercial advertising, political tracts, announcements, etc…) or to post them or ANY kind of (ie- commercial advertising, political
    announcements, etc…) or to post the same or similar messages to large numbers of groups (excessive cross posting, otherwise known as “UNSENT SPAM”).
  • Unauthorized use or forging of the mail header information “spoofing” is expressly prohibited. CANCELLATION – TAPPNPLAY may cancel this Agreement: (I) immediately in the event of documented acts of dishonesty, fraud, or gross negligence by Affiliate in connection with performance of the Affiliates duties to TAPPNPLAY, with those acts disclosed to Affiliate, with afforded an opportunity to respond in writing or in person – at TAPPNPLAY’s option – to the Affiliate, (IV) upon two weeks’ notice to the Affiliate for any reason in TAPPNPLAY’s sole discretion, with the Affiliate receiving no further compensation beyond the cancellation date other than benefits accrued or required by law, and with TAPPNPLAY having sole authority for any communications with the Affiliate or to the public regarding the cancellation. TAPPNPLAY may cancel this Agreement by giving the Affiliate thirty days advance notice in writing; the notice may extend beyond the then-current annual term of this Agreement and the Affiliate will automatically be extended through that notice period only. TAPPNPLAY will receive full compensation during that notice period; at its sole discretion, the Affiliate will determine whether to require that TAPPNPLAY perform its duties for the Affiliate during that notice period; the Affiliate and TAPPNPLAY will mutually agree upon any communications with the

Updated 1/20/2022